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Just as the streams and rivers flow from the mountains to feed the lush Alberni Valley, The Dock+ is where people, produce, and passion converge. Whether finned or feathered, from the trees or the earth, The Dock+ welcomes food producers to cultivate the future of food in Port Alberni. It’s where fresh catch is transformed into appetizing entrees, where just-picked fruit is stirred into jams and juices, and the earth seasons soups and stews.

The Dock+ is the flavour of the Alberni Valley. It’s a space for passionate people to create the food that nourishes the soul of our community.


The Dock+ is more than fish, or even fresh food. It is community; a place to work, learn, and experiment. Part of the BC Food Hub Network, The Dock+ is a shared 17,000 sq ft. space, with a commercial kitchen, owned by the Port Alberni Port Authority at Fishermen’s Harbour. It’s where we offer start-ups and small businesses an environment for growth, development, and collaboration.


Prepared with care and passion, this thriving regional food sector will nourish the community and local economy in the Alberni Valley for years to come. Come savour The Dock+.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a big part of The Dock+. It’s where our members can create the groundbreaking, tantalizing food that nourishes the soul of the Alberni Valley. The Kitchen offers a commercial facility which food processors can use to refine or develop new products.



Rental space is now available in our 1,254 sqft., Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) permitted commercial kitchen. Membership can be purchased allowing tenants key card access, training opportunities, and access to professional equipment as needed.

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Phone: 778-421-8612


Standard Equipment:

  • Six Burner Stove
  • Combination convection/steam oven
  • Stock pot ranges
  • Dishwasher Scale Vacuum packer
  • Mixer Dough proofer
  • Dough sheeter
  • Blender
  • Sieve
  • Meat band saw
  • Sausage stuffer
  • Meat grinder

Specialty Equipment:

  • Autoclave (Retort)
  • Tilting kettle
  • Bottle labeller
  • Bottle/Jar vacuum capper
  • Blast chiller

Our Facilities

Port Alberni Ice Plant


Alberni Ice is operated by Port Alberni Port Authority,  to produce and sell ice for Indigenous, commercial, and recreational fishers, seafood processors, food distributors and the general public. The ice plant, located at Port Alberni’s Fishermen’s Harbour, provides an essential product to preserve peak freshness from the catch and harvest to table.

For ice sales contact 250-720-6395 to discuss your needs.


Alberni Ice operates a cold storage facility at The Dock+, offering temperature-controlled storage facilities and blast freezing for bulk ingredients and finished goods. Our facilities meet the highest quality and safety standards for your food and are CFIA certified.

For on-site cold-storage contact 778-421-8612 to discuss your needs.


Rental space is now available in our 1,254 sqft., Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) permitted commercial kitchen. Membership can be purchased allowing tenants key card access, training opportunities, and access to professional equipment as needed.


Thanks to our sponsors and funders, The Dock+ has been renovated and opened to serve the local food producing community in the Alberni Valley.

Cascadia Seaweed was launched in 2019 with the intention of growing an environmentally-friendly product, which also reverses human impacts on oceans, and provides economic opportunity for rural and coastal communities. The company has evolved from an ingredient supplier to a human food producer, which delivers fresh, frozen and snack products directly to the North American market.
Forest for Dinner is a foraged food company focused on mushrooms and wild edible products from Vancouver Island. The company offers the highest quality, sustainable products and education to its customers who have fallen in love with the company's recipes and passion.
Born and bred in Port Alberni, Canadian Seafood Processing provides affordable fresh and frozen seafood and shellfish as well as freezer storage and live tanks for shellfish and crab. Canadian Seafood Processing is also the exclusive distributor of Effingham Oysters.
Founded in 2011, Nova Harvest provides oyster and geoduck seed to farmers throughout the region while also farming it’s own deep water aquaculture food products in Barkley Sound. The company applies innovative science-based solutions to farming to support the development of a sustainable shellfish industry.
Flurer Smokery was established in 2008 with a focus on gourmet fresh and smoked seafood from British Columbia's west coast to international markets. Flurer Smokery is an Aboriginal-owned, CFIA-certified seafood export company, specializing in fresh, gourmet hot smoked salmon. The smokery also processes fresh, raw, and ready-to-eat products in several species of seafood including wild and farmed salmon, sablefish, tuna, trout and halibut.
Alberni Ice is operated by the Port Alberni Port Authority to produce and sell ice for fishing operations, food preservation needs and the general public throughout Vancouver Island. For on-site cold-storage use and ice sales contact (778) 421-8612 to discuss your needs.